About BAS ELEKTRA company Ltd.

BAS ELEKTRA BRNO Company Ltd. can currently be characterized as the already established business (establishment in 1990), which is in its production program focused primarily on electrostatic precipitation - especially for the production of high voltage source for electrostatic precipitator power supply, electronic control equipment for electrostatic precipitator, measuring the separation efficiency and control the process separation .
Also produces accessories HV sources - such as switches - earthing switches.

In the beginning the main goal of the company was to become "strongly anchored"
by the Czechoslovak Republic.

Currently progressively builds on its existing successful operation and executes their supplies in the Czech Republic but also in European countries and in remote destinations in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Typical target customers are power stations, heating stations, municipal waste incinerators, mining and metallurgical company, limekiln, cement mills, paper mills, wood processing industry and others.

BAS ELEKTRA BRNO Company Ltd. has established and applies a Quality Management System for:

  • Development and production of electrical, electronic and measuring equipment used to separate solid particles of gaseous emissions in the industry.
  • Audits have been repeatedly shown to meet the requirements of ISO9001:2008.
Thanks to its production program BAS ELEKTRA BRNO Company Ltd. significantly
contributes to environmental protection and working environment.

BAS Elektra